So many people that own or work in a brick and mortar business get into the habit of only using standard marketing practices to reach their clientele. Putting ads in newspapers, doing commercials, hitting the streets to give out business cards. Some are even paying for ads in phone books (yes, they’re still around).

Recently it’s hard to deny the power and business benefit of utilizing social media to some degree. Most people have a facebook page and may post information across that medium or another.

The problem with the first is that it’s becoming decreasingly profitable. The problem with the second is that people usually don’t know how to get a good return with it.

As in any successful business or market, it’s important to always stay at the forefront of information and technology. Being able to adapt and consistently grow is key to not getting left behind by competitors.


ClickFunnels is basically software to allow you to design and create entire sales funnels for your business with the click of a few buttons. 

When you sign up you can select a pre-made, high-converting funnel of your choice, or build your own from scratch. It is then extremely simple to edit and publish your funnel and start earning profits for your business. 

Giveaway Funnels

Giveaway Funnels are a great resource for Insurance Agents!

You may be asking, what are Giveaway Funnels? A giveaway Funnel is a mini website that leads a client or visitor down the road to where you want them to go by offering some sort of prize or incentive as an ethical bribe! 

How do they work?

Customers visit the site for a chance to win something by entering their name, email, and phone number. Let’s say they get put into a drawing to win a free TV.

Then you ask them a qualifying question to find out whether or not they are a good lead for you. For example you could ask “Can we review an insurance policy with you?” Allow them to select auto, home, renters, none of the above, etc. You could even ask “Are you happy with your current insurance policy?” and then just allow them to select yes or no!

What you immediately did was get their contact information to reach out, you’ve begun a mini-relationship, and you have a little bit of information about them to start the REAL relationship with when you contact them.

Next, you encourage them to share the contest with their friends and family so that they can get a bonus entry into the contest which exposes you to a whole new audience based on the person who was attracted to your giveaway! 

How do people find the funnel?

The most effective way to market a giveaway funnel is through Facebook ad where you can really hone in on the target demographic that we want. We can limit the paid reach of your contest to prospects that fit your profile and we can restrict the reach by gender, relationship, age and location. 

You should make sure to put up an exciting and expensive prize like a TV mentioned earlier. If your prize is lame then your contest will flop. 

Landing Pages 

An important part of the online lead generation process lies in how a service is sold. You may not be able to make a direct pitch to more than a room full of people. With a ClickFunnels landing page, the key selling points of your service can be displayed to an unlimited amount of prospects at the same time. Like a website, but less distracting without multiple pages, ads, and links. More importantly, without the development costs of a web team. ClickFunnels offers automation and scalability without the layers of complication that a team of writers and designers could bring. 

Years of testing and data gathering have shown that the simpler a landing page looks, the better. The built-in templates for these pages are based on tried and true layouts that have provided thousands of dollars in conversion value in the past. More importantly, the back-end control panels give you sophisticated marketing insights to the actions being taken on your landing page, and what improvements you can make to improve the rate of conversions. 

Email Lead Capture 

The “main event” in this entire sequence is in the conversion. With E-commerce sites, the conversion would be a cash purchase transaction. In the service industry, this happens when the prospect enters his/her contact information to request a consultation. 

Whether you use a webinar funnel or a traditional page-based sequence, the ClickFunnels Email capture templates are optimized with years of user data that decides what layouts, colors, and page copy carry a higher rate of conversion. You can also create a portal system that ties into your regular website. This way users provide their information in exchange for access to the portal with, documents, training videos, and more. 

With the ability to create, manage, monitor, test and measure multiple funnels via the ClickFunnels backend, we believe this platform is a must have for any business or entrepreneur using the web as a means of reaching new clients.